Traditional kitchens designed and built in Bromley, Erith & London

Cosy, warm, rustic, homely. These are all words we associate with Traditional Kitchens that automatically make you feel at ease.

A traditional-style kitchen takes inspiration from times gone by to create a stunning space but with the benefit of modern appliances in a classic style.

Traditional kitchens typically incorporate decorative accents and details throughout the design, painted cabinets with or without glass front doors, simple granite or laminate countertops, hardwood floors, neutral colours and ornate lighting.

Whether you know exactly what you are looking for or need someone to bounce ideas off and provide inspiration, arrange a no-obligation consultation with our team. Alternatively, visit our showroom for a range of ideas of how your new kitchen could look.

We install kitchens in: Erith, Bromley, Sevenoaks, Beckenham, Maidstone, Faversham, Bearsted, Yalding, Sandgate, Aylesford, Folkestone, Margate, West Wickham, Keston, Bexley, BexleyHeath, Sydenham, Croydon, Eltham, Chislehurst, Sidcup.

What is a Traditional kitchen?

Traditional-style kitchens take inspiration from times gone by to create a stunning space. This type of kitchen focuses on embellishments that bring a unique character. Colours tend to be either dark tones like Greens and Navy’s or extremely light designs using a lot of whites.

What are the features of a Traditional kitchen?

Perhaps the most significant feature of a traditional kitchen is the attention to detail. Designing eye-catching embellishments while maintaining a natural look gives the impression of effortless quality. 

Colours tend to be pastel to draw even more attention to the materials. Traditional kitchens give the air of simplicity yet are highly functional.

What is the difference between Classic kitchens and Traditional kitchens?

The main difference between classic and traditional kitchens is the classic kitchen typically has rounder shapes and gives a warm aesthetic vibe with a touch of homeliness. Traditional kitchens make use of features such as open shelving, painted cabinets, and neutral colours.


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    Cosy, warm, rustic, homely

    moulded, raised centre panels bring your rural space to a different level. Available in oak or with any painted finish.

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    Traditional style with modern features

    Shaker style doors featuring smooth painted finish, ideal for those who like to experiment.

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    Rustic shabby chic

    Sloped internal profile, v-groove and smooth finish contrast perfectly with this eclectic mix of rough timber and wall finishes.

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    A timeless classic

    Subtle lines on the outer front of the door creates the illusion of a true in-frame kitchen but with a more affordable price tag. Smooth matte painted finish and wealth of accessories combines luxury and practicality.

The steps to your perfect kitchen

Wellingtons Kitchens - Getting to know you

Getting to know you

We gather initial details of your project, timelines, level of investment.  One of our design experts pays you a visit, it’s not just about measurements; it’s a journey into your style preferences, colour choices, and the distinctive look you aspire to achieve.

Wellingtons Kitchens - Draft design meeting

Design reveal

Step into our Kent Showroom for the exclusive unveiling of your new kitchen complete with personalised design adjustments.

Wellingtons Kitchens - Presentation Meeting

Your dream Kitchen

Choose us and we will work with you to achieve your dream kitchen. We won’t stop until it’s perfect. Enjoy exclusive access to a complete set of 3D plans and elevations while your dream kitchen comes to life.

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