Conditions of sale

In the foregoing conditions Wellingtons Kitchens is referred to as the ‘Company’ and the person signing is referred to as the ‘Purchaser’. The signed quotation, plans and installation costing sheet (where applicable) forms part of this contract. The Company and its installations personnel are committed to providing a first class service as per the specifications and plans provided. These terms are intended to ensure that the agreement between the Company and the Purchaser is clearly detailed and agreed.

No changes to any specification provided can be made by the Purchaser up to 5 weeks prior to delivery to the Company. Any changes made after this will be treated as an additional order and will be charged.

In the event of a cancellation being accepted by the Company a charge of £500 will be due unless the orders have been processed therein cancellation will not be accepted. The Purchaser will be responsible for on-site storage facilities for the goods being provided and materials required for this contract.

Call outs to remedy any faults arising which are not caused by a failure of installation work or goods supplied will result in a charge being levied which is payable directly to the installation manager. This will be calculated at 40p per mile from the showroom and £35 per hour including travelling time.

All products are covered by the manufacturer warranty and the details will vary. Installation work is covered by the company for a period of 6 months from the date of which the Purchaser first had use of the products installed. Company sales people are not authorised to agree anything verbally with the Purchaser and only written agreements will be considered a part of the contract. They are also not technical surveyors and are not qualified to provide opinions or quotations for installation work. The Company will not be bound by any installation costing sheet they have agreed to until a technical survey has been completed and any additional works and costs are agreed by the Purchaser.

The Company will carry out all works as quickly as possible however we cannot guarantee a timescale in advance for either delivery or completion of works and we will not be liable for costs suffered by the Purchaser in the event of delays for any reason. Joinery work is included for the installation of all the goods the Company is providing as detailed on the signed contracts and paperwork provided. Any additional work required has been agreed with the Purchaser on the Installation Costing Sheet however this is only an estimate which cannot be finalised or confirmed until a technical survey has been completed.

Technical surveys are only carried out if they have been charged for. In the event that one is not charged for then the Purchaser is assumed to have taken responsibility for the sizes shown on the plans to be correct. The company will then take no responsibility for the accuracy of the site sizes.

This might result in additional charges, which will be agreed with the Purchaser before any work commences. Some work may not be possible due to unforeseen issues. Under these circumstances the Company will not be liable for the cost of the reinstatement. There may be additional costs involved for alternative solutions that are presented to the Purchaser, this can include pumps for increasing pressure to taps and showers. No alternative solutions will be carried out until the Purchaser has agreed.

Plasterwork is excluded from this contract unless specific areas have been identified in the Installation Costing Sheet for basic repairs however this is not to a decorators finish and is specifically only for areas to be repaired. Additional plasterwork can be agreed on technical survey and will carry an additional charge.

The removal of existing units, tiles etc will result in damage to the walls and the Company will plasterboard this area only as per the Installation Costing Sheet.

A supporting wall can be only be identified on technical survey. Removal of walls does not include support beams either temporary or permanent. This agreement does not include removal of any electrics or plumbing from these walls. Any additional costs will be provided on technical survey. Removal of walls may result in damage to other areas the repair of which is not included in this contract and may be carried out following agreement with the Purchaser. Plumbing or electrics not previously identified and found within walls during removal will be re-routed at a cost agreed with the Purchaser.

Fitting lights to ceilings may result in damage to ceilings or floors above. The repair of which is not included in this contract unless specifically noted on the Installation Costing Sheet.

Any work linked to central heating systems may require the Company to switch off boilers or drain systems. The Company is not responsible for any failures of any central heating component.

The Company will only provide electrical and plumbing services within the installation room. Any additional work required will be identified on technical survey. The Company is only responsible for electrical and plumbing services it provided and in the event that faults are identified in the existing services during or after installation these may be modified only after agreement with the Purchaser.

In the execution of the contract, every care will be taken to protect Purchasers property however if any accidental damage occurs this will be covered only by the Purchaser household insurance policy. Dust is a common feature of the work and it will escape from the work area. Cleaning will be required and is not included.

The Company installation manager is authorised to obtain a completion certificate and to collect the final balance as per our contract terms. The Purchaser is entitled to hold a 5% balance until any agreed remedials are completed. Discounts agreed at the time of sale are treated as settlement discounts and are conditional on all payments being made as per the contract terms. Interest of 4% above bank base rate will be made on any overdue payments.

The Purchaser must check all the products on delivery and report any faults or damages immediately to the local Wellingtons Electrical office. If this is not possible then it needs to be done at the earliest possibility. Failure to do so will mean replacements will be charged for.

In the event of you not being able to take the kitchen on the agreed date a storage charge of £80 per week will be made.

Supply-only: A supply-only kitchen is one where the Company is delivering to site only. No other services will be provided including any site remedials required for whatever reason. If provided they are chargeable in advance.

Dry fit: We will only be providing a joinery service and will not do any appliance or sink connections.