BLUM talk with our Head Designer

BLUM recently sat down with our Head Designer to talk all things kitchens.

How did you get started at Wellingtons?

My passion has always been being creative, anything from metalwork, woodwork and sculptural pieces. I wanted to find a career that allowed me to be creative whilst being more commercial and kitchen design is the perfect blend of that. 

Working with Wellingtons is ideal for me. They offer a great service and explore what can be achieved with kitchens. 

It gives me the autonomy to offer our customers completely bespoke solutions.  

What’s your biggest inspiration?

I’m inspired by the technical aspects behind everything which is why a click with BLUM products. 

I’m interested in both the build of the product, but also the people that make it, so cabinet makers, the mechanical sections etc. From an artistic perspective I like to see the overall presentation of things and how they work. 

What do you enjoy about working with BLUM?

I’ve worked alongside BLUM for almost all my kitchen career. 

It’s got heart, the product, the people. So, it’s something I have always cared about. I want to know that I’m working with people that like their product, care about what they’re doing and always trying to improve. BLUM and Wellingtons align well on their shared values.

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