How to make your kitchen Instagrammable

These are the most Instagrammable kitchens of the year – so far.

They are very different styles; one is quaint and reminiscent of Country England, another brings a sparkle of joy by including the Instagrammer in the pic, and the third is sleek, clean and very modern.

One thing’s for sure; they are the height of luxury.

But what is it about them that makes them so grammable? 

And how do you create an Insta-worthy space that everyone will want to copy?

Well, we’ve scoured through Instagram, analysed post after post, found the top ten most Instagrammable kitchens, and added our pro tips to help you make your space as grammable as possible.

Top 10 Instagram-worthy kitchens

From top to bottom, here are the kitchens that are turning heads online:

#10 Light, airy and pulls on your heartstrings

Once you’ve finished saying ‘awwww’ at this adorable picture, your eye is immediately drawn to that stunning light wall pattern, which contrasts beautifully with the floating wooden shelves. What’s more, the uncluttered shelving helps keep things looking bright. Instagram-worthy indeed, but still in last place on our list.  

With more than 100K Google searches and over 160,000 posts on Instagram for ‘floating shelves’, this is an easy and cost-effective way to level up your kitchen space.

Pro tip: If your kitchen is smaller, floating shelves like this are a great use of space. Keep the material colour light to increase your Instagrammableness. 

#9 Contrasting textures really hit the spot

We adore this look – the off-white walls, the matt blue island and shiny brass chairs – yes, please! And did we mention those pendant lights? They are to die for!

This image may only be in position 9, but kitchen islands are the trend this year, with 847,947K posts flooding Instagram and 68,400 Google searches in the UK alone. 

They may be the most popular because of their practicality. Let’s face it, we’ve all needed to change up our at-home working space in recent years, but they can also make the most stunning pictures. 

Pro tip: Sometimes, a pop of colour here and there is all you need for that luxury kitchen feel. And don’t forget that textures count for a lot when it comes to creating a space that’s as beautiful as it is practical. 

#8 Marie Kondo herself would be thrilled to have this kitchen

These crisp and clean lines are something the queen of minimalism herself would be proud of. And there’s something about this timber-on-timber-on-timber style that’s really appealing. 

The best part? There’s a secret bar, pantry AND fridge behind that timber – shh! 

And what do you know – another kitchen island!

Pro tip: If you’re going to use a lot of the same material in one space, just like this kitchen uses a lot of timber, keep the materials as light as possible, otherwise you may find you have a less Instagrammable kitchen and more a dark, dreary space – not quite as appealing.

#7 Farm life but with a luxury twist

Farm-style holidays are always popular, and if you’re lucky to have a large kitchen with good bones, like this one, then you really should lean into it. According to our research, this kitchen style is the third most popular trend, with 784,893 posts and 5,500K Google searches.

We adore those classic beams that are not rustic but still carry multitudes of charm. And those pendant lights that don’t exactly match but complement each other perfectly, all surrounded by light walls, cabinets and an island – yum!

Pro tip: Sometimes, a slight mismatch adds to the charm of a room, but they should still complement each other somehow. 

#6 Every kitchen deserves a pantry

Pantry cabinets may be all the rage, with 546,555 posts hitting Instagram this year, but if you simply don’t have the space then floating cabinets do just the trick too. 

We love this dark wall that’s mirrored with the darker wood, and the little herb pot and muslin sacks add just the brightness needed to make this whole picture pop. 

Plus, the glimpse of the white wall shows that this is a feature wall, perhaps even a feature pantry?

Pro tip: Feature walls are a great way to add your own personality without losing that luxe feel. A darker feature wall can really pop when surrounded by lighter walls.

#5 Small kitchens can be Insta-worthy too

Smaller kitchens seem to be more Instagrammable when they are modular, which is a trend that’s very much making a comeback. Featured in 165,361 Instagram posts this year, they have historically been more practical than beautiful. 

However, with a move towards more simple living, we expect spaces like this to only grow in popularity and become much easier on the eye.

Pro tip: If you don’t have much space to work with, light colours and tons of lighting will be your friend.

#4 The trusty ‘before’ and ‘after’ shot

If you are planning on carrying out a kitchen renovation, always, always, ALWAYS take a before shot. Not only will you be stunned when you look back, but it will make an epic Insta-pic. This pic alone got 10,532K likes!

And it makes sense – look at that stunning kitchen island! Yet another shining example of how they can really elevate a space. And we love that beam that’s been added and those elegant pendant lights. 

Pro tip: We just wanted to point out that stunning rug. It’s so simple but adds a wonderful finishing touch and makes the room look all the more welcoming.

#3 Modular works in larger spaces, too

We’ve seen a lot of light kitchens, but this post proves that when done well, black can be stunning, too, especially as light walls and good lighting complement it. 

And this is also a modular kitchen, which we discussed in more detail further up this post. So we guess it really is making a comeback!

Pro tip: Black cabinets can bring elegance to a modern kitchen, but we must warn you to beware of creating a dark space. It’s worth seeking expert advice to ensure you get enough natural sunlight to achieve precisely what you want.

#2 Show the world how much you love your kitchen and they will love it too

This Instagrammer, @comestayawhile, loves her new quartz sink so much she posted numerous pictures, one with herself celebrating and even posted a video tour of the…well…just the sink.

But that atmosphere speaks through the image; it’s her joy that truly makes this pic so grammable. 

Although granite countertops are the most popular trend right now, quartz isn’t far behind (292,207 vs 290,084K posts), so whichever you prefer will go down well online.

And may we say, that matt black tap is the perfect accompaniment!

Pro tip: Why not include yourself or a pet in your kitchen pics? It will make the entire thing feel more like home and is bound to get you more likes.

#1 Country living wins the day!

We spoke about farm-style kitchens earlier, and the winner of our top ten is similar, but not quite. This is the epitome of a UK country-style kitchen, and we love it as much as everybody else – all 39,683 likes! 

The stunning blue of the cabinets is light enough to take the darkness away from the grey paint, and the tiles are complicated but seem to fit in well with this fuller space. It’s by no means minimalist or modern, but it is spectacular. 

Pro tip: This can be a difficult look to achieve but can work exceptionally well in a smaller space, as you can see. Don’t be scared to lean into this quaint, cottagey vibe – if you’re going down this path, you have to be all in.

Whatever your style, we hope these tips will help you on the way to becoming Insta-famous, or your kitchen, anyway.

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