Why Are Kitchen Islands So Popular

Nowadays, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. It’s the space where delicious meals are prepared, and family and friends come together – it’s the heart of the home really. 

With this new purpose comes a need for a space where everyone can congregate and spend quality time together. The island countertop is just that thing. This kitchen feature has become incredibly popular, not only for the previous reason though. 

A kitchen island provides homeowners with a host of other benefits. Keep reading to see why this kitchen feature is so popular – you might even be convinced that you need one in your cooking space too. 

What is a kitchen island? 

The kitchen island has been around since the 1950s and continues to be a popular kitchen feature today. A kitchen island is essentially a freestanding cabinet with a counter on top that serves many purposes. 

Advantages of having a kitchen island

A kitchen should be stylish yet functional. However, it provides just that, as well as a host of other benefits too. 

1.More countertop space for food prep 

Can you ever really have enough counter space? We don’t think so. Luckily, a kitchen island quickly solves this issue. On top of that, a kitchen island can also be used as a serving spot for food. 

2.Greater storage space 

If you can’t ever have enough counter space, then you certainly could never have enough storage space either. In fact, island countertops provide so much extra storage that this has become one of the main reasons why people have them installed. 

The beauty of the kitchen island top is that you can choose to have whatever type of storage space installed underneath. Need some extra cupboards to store your baking items? No problem! Want to start recycling but don’t have the extra space for the bin? Install it under the island counter! Thinking of getting a wine cooler but don’t have anywhere to put it? Under the kitchen island, of course!

As you can see, the island kitchen counter is really the solution to all your storage issues. 

3.It creates a more sociable atmosphere 

As we’ve mentioned before, a kitchen island is a great spot for your family to come together and enjoy a meal. To accommodate this, many people add seating on one side of the island counter, creating a type of breakfast bar. This way, people can sit and chat with you while you prep dinner. 

4.Greater versatility and functionality 

Adding an island countertop to your kitchen will give you greater versatility and functionality. You can easily incorporate kitchen appliances and other amenities into it, such as a preparation sink, a gas hob or even an oven. 

Ready to get an island in your kitchen?  

As you can see, a kitchen island is a wonderful and versatile kitchen feature – it’s easy to see why it’s still so popular! If you’re thinking of installing one of the freestanding cabinets in your home, get in touch with our designers at Wellingtons. We’d love to help you create your dream kitchen.

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