Contemporary Farmhouse Kitchen – Customer Case Study

Absolutely fantastic!

“Absolutely fantastic! From the kitchen design, fitting, plumbing, to electrical work, Wellingtons Kitchens handled everything seamlessly, alleviating all the stress. Their exceptional tidiness, along with excellent communication, made the entire process incredibly smooth. We love our new kitchen – it is so us!”

Having initially fitted their kitchen almost 30 years ago, the space had served our customer well.

However, as times changed and their needs evolved, they were ready for a kitchen upgrade. While the general layout worked, they saw an opportunity to enhance their kitchen experience and maximise the use of available space. At the same time updating the space to fit a contemporary farmhouse style.

One of the standout features of the new design was the integration of storage solutions that utilised every inch of space. The addition of internal BLUM LegraBox drawers within cupboards allowed for better organisation and easy access to kitchen essentials.

Wellingtons Kitchens went beyond the ordinary by crafting a bespoke drawer to fit around the waste of the sink. This creative use of space provided our customer with extra storage where conventional design would have left a blank cupboard front.

Recognising the importance of seamless functionality, Wellingtons not only revamped the kitchen but also redesigned the utility space. The previously underutilised area was transformed into a functional and stylish extension of the kitchen.

Due to our customer’s frequent use of an outdoor pizza oven, we proposed incorporating a matching workspace into the dining area. This addition not only seamlessly complemented the existing kitchen but also served as a dedicated pizza preparation space, enhancing the overall alfresco dining experience.

The result was a kitchen that seamlessly blended practicality and aesthetics. Our customer was thrilled with the integration of modern elements while maintaining the familiar layout that had worked for them. The increased storage capacity, thoughtful customisation, and improved utility space created a kitchen that catered to their evolving needs.

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