Five Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets

In this day and age of new technology and life-changing machinery, it’s no surprise that our kitchens are filled with useful and handy gadgets that aid us with cooking and cleaning. And there is more choice than ever to choose which gadgets you want in your kitchen.

Read on to find out our 5 best kitchen gadgets and why you should get them.

Hot water tap

A hot water top is a relatively new phenomenon, but it’s an essential gadget to add to any kitchen!

It’s a tap that automatically pours out boiling water, providing you with instant hot water without needing to boil the kettle. It’s excellent when you need boiling water for cooking, or if you want a hot drink such as coffee or tea. It fits like a traditional tap and it is incorporated into your kitchen, in which it needs a proper electrical connection.

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Pressure cooker

If you’re looking for a long-lasting kitchen gadget that will be used frequently, it is worth investing in a pressure cooker. They are energy efficient, and they can cook things much quicker than the usual time takes, making it time efficient too. As the inside of the pressure cooker is fully insulated, it does not need to use as much energy to heat up.

It’s a must-have gadget for someone who leads an extremely busy life, as it greatly reduces cooking time. Something that takes you an hour to cook can talk half the time in a pressure cooker – you simply can’t lose with this gadget. 

Coffee machine/coffee brewer

Coffee is an absolute necessity in life, whether you’re working, studying, or simply want to enjoy a hot beverage. If you are particularly interested in the taste you get from coffee shops, it’s worth buying a manual espresso machine, as it tends to give you the best results. Your coffee machine doesn’t have to be installed at home, you could get one for your kitchen workplace, or even the staffroom at school. 

You will be able to create delicious beverages in your own time and have it instantly, rather than visit coffee shops every day which takes up a lot of time. This will also save you a significant amount of money if you’re making your own coffee with the machine. 

Air Fryer

It’s been a trend for a while now – everyone is talking about air fryers! They specialise in cooking your food deliciously, without any oil being used, meaning that your meals are much healthier. You can cook things like french fries, salmon, chicken tenders, fajitas, meatballs, and many other yummy dinners. 

You can also cook multiple foods at once which will save you a lot of time, whilst simultaneously knowing that your food will be healthy and low-fat.

Mini countertop vacuum cleaner

Everyday there are crumbs and pieces of food left on the countertops of most kitchens, especially after cooking a substantial meal. It can be tiresome to constantly wipe down the surfaces throughout the day, particularly if many people use the kitchen.

To deal with this, why not buy a mini countertop vacuum cleaner? It’s simple to use, it’s portable, and it can instantly clean up any mess on your worktops and tables.