Summer Kitchen Design Trends

Thinking about redesigning your kitchen this year but not sure how to go about it? As summer is approaching, it is worth considering what types of styles and backdrops will complement the long, bright summer days and be a place for you to wind down and relax after being out in the scorching heat all day long. 

Here, we talk you through the latest summer kitchen design trends and how this can inspire you to redesign the kitchen of your dreams. 

Neutral tones and colours

It’s become more and more of a trend to opt for neutral tones and colours in your kitchen, and this is no surprise as these tones are often associated with rooms being more airy, uncluttered, and fresh. These colours include white, beige, light or dark grey, sage, and brown. So what better colour scheme to go for than a neutral palette that will always complement any range of style that you choose?

Neutral tones are also excellent if you’re a fan of minimalist style kitchens, as the colours help add calm and clarity to your daily life. Particularly in the summer, a neutral palette can make a room feel larger than it is, which is exactly what you want when the summer heat can often make rooms feel stuffy and compact.

Shake it up with a Shaker kitchen design

Shaker kitchens are versatile in their designs, and are an excellent choice for an elegant and stylish summer kitchen this year. They often involve minimalist designs in which the cabinets are square framed and have clean lines, and are perfect for those who appreciate the feelings of being organised and having order. It also offers a very comforting and home-like feel, as Shaker kitchens often prioritise practicality of cabinets and other appliances, rather than elaborate and decorative designs.

At Wellingtons, we can add a modern twist to this timeless classic to create the perfect summer kitchen that aligns with the many trends this year. 

Or opt for a Scandinavian style kitchen

Scandinavian style kitchens tend to focus on a distinct dining area in the centre of the room and often incorporate warm wood furniture and natural materials for your appliances. This is undoubtedly a top summer kitchen trend due to the warm colours and the use of natural light, which is ideal for the long and bright summer days.

Flooring and cabinetry are generally composed of light wood materials that offer a very sleek and European appearance – perfect for the summer time.

Efficient storage and cabinets are essential

With lockdown rules lifting and summer approaching, it is now that time to plan get togethers and family functions that you missed out on due to the pandemic. And having plenty of storage space in your kitchen for all the wine bottles, utensils, trays, pots, and pans is essential when hosting in your home. Hence why it is worth considering the amount of storage space your new kitchen will acquire.

Many of the latest kitchen trends focus on incorporating functional and efficient storage units all around the kitchen, making your life so much easier, whether you are hosting a big dinner party, or simply cooking for two in the evening. For example, if you are looking to install an island in your kitchen, it is 

The long-established traditional kitchen

An excellent idea for a perfect summer kitchen is to take it right back to the classic design and opt for a traditional kitchen, incorporating modern appliances to create the most ideal kitchen. Classical details such as painted cabinets and glass doors are common features for traditional kitchens, where the colours tend to be darker wood or extremely light. 

Traditional kitchens often generate a cosy homely feel to the house as you can opt for hardwood flooring or laminate worktops. You simply cannot go wrong with the type of kitchen and it is the perfect design for the summer.