Timeless Kitchen – Customer Case Study

“Working with Wellingtons was an absolute pleasure. Their meticulous attention to detail and innovative suggestions truly exceeded our expectations. From relocating the boiler for added space to reimagining the island layout, their expertise transformed our vision into reality seamlessly.”

Our customer embarked on a search for a new kitchen as part of a larger renovation project covering their entire downstairs space. Initially exploring options from well-known names like Magnet and Wren, they found the designs lacking a certain something. Wanting to explore local options, they turned to Google and were pleasantly surprised to discover Wellingtons, conveniently located on their local high street.

Seeking a kitchen with timeless appeal and an air of simplicity yet classiness, our customer was drawn to the idea of a design that wouldn’t age with trends. While considering handless designs, they ultimately opted for Shaker Style cupboards in neutral tones, adding a touch of vibrancy with colourful bar stools at the island. To infuse a modern touch, they complemented the cupboards with sleek handles.

Conscious of creating an open and inviting space, our customer expressed a preference for shelving over cupboards above the sink area. The Wellingtons team readily embraced this vision, offering accommodating and helpful suggestions to bring it to life.

Delving into the details, our customer explored a variety of glass samples in the showroom to find the perfect fit behind the sink, aiming to create the illusion of more space and light.

When it came to storage solutions, our customer initially lacked a clear vision. However, visiting the showroom provided invaluable insights into the available options. Guided by the expertise of the Wellingtons team, they were able to optimise the space to suit their needs perfectly.