What are the types of tumble dryers?

Is there any feeling better than taking out a load of freshly tumble-dried clothes and letting its warmth permeate through our skin while breathing that fresh scent deeply? 

That feeling is even better during the winter months. But have you noticed that your clothes are taking longer and longer to dry, and your machine is a lot noisier than it used to be?

If you’re experiencing that, chances are you need a new tumble dryer.

To help, we’ve created a jargon-busting guide to help you understand what you’re buying so you choose the right type of tumble dryer for you and your household. 

Where will your tumble dryer go?

Before you decide what type of tumble dryer to invest in, you need to know where in your home it’s going to sit, as this will have an impact on which dryer you choose:

Freestanding tumble dryer

If you’re putting your new dryer in a temporary location while your kitchen is being refurbished, for example, a freestanding tumble dryer will be the best option for you. 

They’re the right choice if you don’t have a specific space for it to sit, such as within a cupboard space with a door covering to hide it away. You tend to find freestanding tumble dryers in utility rooms or even garages.

Integrated tumble dryer

You’d select an integrated tumble dryer if you were storing it in your built-in kitchen. These will typically be hidden behind a cupboard door so as not to disrupt the aesthetics of your room. 

Semi-integrated tumble dryer

This is a good option whether you’re storing your tumble dryer in your utility or kitchen. These are designed to fit into a standard space, like a built-in kitchen. The difference is that you wouldn’t attach a door to the front to hide it away. Instead, you’d be able to see the front of the tumble dryer while the rest is nestled away neatly. 

What are the 3 types of tumble dryers? 

OK, now that you know which tumble dryer to buy based on where you plan to put it in your home, let’s discuss the three types of tumble dryers to choose from.

The three types of tumble dryer: vented, condenser or heat pump, refer to how the damp air created during the drying process is removed and how the machine is run.

What is a condenser tumble dryer?

Condenser tumble dryers collect the water vapour created during the drying process and store it in a container. That means that you’ll have to empty the stored water manually. Because of the way this type of dryer works, they don’t have to be kept near a window or vent, although having some ventilation is always recommended, whatever type of tumble dryer you choose.

What is a vented tumble dryer?

Vented tumble dryers use a ventilation system to remove the excess water moisture, hence the apt name. Ventilation is usually through a hose or a small hole in the wall. The great thing about this type of dryer is that you won’t have to manually empty excess water, as this is already taken care of.

What is a heat pump tumble dryer?

Changing things up, a heat pump tumble dryer has nothing to do with ventilation but more how heat is conducted to dry your clothes. Both vented and condenser tumble dryers run off electricity, whereas a heat pump tumble dryer runs off of…a heat pump!

We hope that’s helped you figure out what type of tumble dryer you need for your home; however, if you’re still unsure, here’s some more information that may help.

What type of dryer is cheapest to run?

If you want a tumble dryer with low running costs, a heat pump tumble dryer is the best option. The next best choice would be a vented tumble dryer and then, finally, a condenser tumble dryer.

What type of tumble dryer dries clothes the quickest?

If you regularly have big loads of clothes to wash, you’ll probably want them to dry as quickly as possible so you can put the next load in. If that’s the case, a condenser tumble dryer would be the best choice. 

Which dryer is the most energy-efficient?

If you’re looking for an appliance that is as environmentally friendly as possible, you’d be well suited with a heat pump tumble dryer. Look out for an A+++ rating, as this will highlight that it uses far less energy than other models. 

Where to buy a new tumble dryer

If you’re investing in all new appliances as part of a kitchen refurbishment, we can source a tumble dryer that matches the aesthetics of the space you’re creating and fits in seamlessly. 

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