German Handleless Kitchen – Customer Case Study

Kitchen of our dreams from Wellingtons Kitchen

We went to Wellingtons Kitchens originally as we had used Wellington Electricals in the past and had been very happy with them.  Right from the start we found every member of their team to be efficient, friendly and helpful.  Not only did they give us the kitchen of our dreams they also helped us by suggesting improvements to our design. We really couldn’t recommend them enough“.

Our customer was having some major renovations done to their house which included an extension at the rear to accommodate a large open kitchen and dining area.

They came to us with a clear idea of the type of kitchen that would suit them, which was a shift from what they had had previously.

They were looking to create a striking contrast between the graphite cupboards and white stone tops and white walls. The chosen style was a modern, handless German kitchen.

The new bright space could take a dark statement kitchen. The chosen sink was in white which gave a seamless blend with the white stone island.

There were a few additional features the customer wanted, which included a bespoke tea cupboard and a wine fridge along with shallow storage at the back of the island, to make the most of the space.

Due to the extension, there was a beam that ran along the right side of the kitchen. Wellingtons Kitchens overcame this structural challenge by installing flap up doors above the tall cupboards. That allowed them to maximise their storage as a ceiling height cupboard wouldn’t have been able to open due to the beam.

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