7 Most Common Kitchen Layouts

A Kitchen that works well is no accident. Kitchen layouts play a huge part in the functionality of your kitchen and make it a great place to spend time in.

These are the 7 most common Kitchen layouts:

1. One Wall Kitchen – this is common in smaller home and studios. This includes all appliances along one wall. Everything is in close reach, but the downfall can be that there is a lack of storage space due to appliances.

2. Galley Kitchen – these are extremely functional and efficient. No matter how little space you have, you can maximise the square footage. The disadvantage is that Galley Kitchens are very social as there is little room for additional people.

3. U-Shaped Kitchen – these are similar to Galley Kitchens but with an extra wall of space. Generally, the fridge is one wall, the sink and dishwasher is on the middle wall, and the oven and stove are on the adjacent long wall.

4. U-Shaped with Island Kitchen – these take advantage of the functional space but with an island. Since it’s completely open on one side, it makes it easy to add entertaining space

5. G-Shaped Kitchen – these are perfect if you need an island but don’t have enough space for one. It adds an additional leg of counter space and cabinets.

6. L-Shaped Kitchen – these are perfect for big open spaces or loft style living, allowing you to entertain and have plenty of space.

7. L-Shaped with Island Kitchen – this has all the advantages of the L-Shaped Kitchen with an island so that you dont feel like you have your back to your guest.

Whatever space you have and whatever your needs we can design the perfect Kitchen for you.

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