Modern Kitchen – Customer Case Study

Fabulous kitchen from Wellingtons Kitchens

We were very pleased with Wellingtons Kitchens; we were given answers to our questions we asked every step of the way. The kitchen fitters were very professional, polite, and tidied up at the end of the day. We would highly recommend Wellingtons Kitchens as we have a fabulous kitchen now.

We had an initial discovery meeting in the showroom to discuss the customer’s wants and needs.

Having previously installed their own kitchen, being a professional craftsman himself, they were apprehensive about having someone else install for them.

Following our initial meeting we visited their existing kitchen to take photos and talk about which kitchen elements would go where.

They had installed a beautiful kitchen previously that fitted their needs well but were ready to modernise and didnt have the time to install themselves this time.

The customers were clear on the type of look they were going for, and for example didn’t want an off the shelf finish on the doors like they had seen elsewhere. They went for unique bespoke door with a subtle marble effect finish.

We have lived locally to Wellingtons for over 20 years and have previously bought a lot of our appliances from Wellingtons Electrical over the years and always had a great experience.

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