Bespoke Fitted Kitchens designed and built in
Bromley, Erith & London

We are used to hearing the words bespoke mentioned with kitchens, but what often happens is that the kitchen carcases etc. are off the shelf with after production bespoke tailoring.

At Wellingtons Kitchens each of our kitchens are made specifically for you the customer in our Kent based workshop. You can choose every detail down to the type of joint of the drawer boxes, the interior cupboard configuration, height and shape of the carcasses.

In our design studio we will work around any requirements you have, be it existing appliances or building quirks. This isn’t after production edits; this is planned, and design specific fitted kitchens bespoke to you.

Wellingtons Kitchens take the time to get to know you, your project and how you live so that we can offer the best advice and ultimately the perfect fitted kitchen for you.

Bespoke Kitchen Styles

What makes a luxury kitchen?

Many factors go into achieving a luxury feel, including space planning, high-quality materials, great lighting and excellent kitchen appliances.

What makes a kitchen look expensive?

You can upgrade a kitchen to make it feel more expensive than it is by:
  • Being creative with the layout
  • Selecting an elegant colour palette
  • Working with different textures
  • Purchasing high-quality kitchen appliances
  • Using natural light or bright lighting if that isn’t possible

How can I make my kitchen look bigger?

Our kitchen designers have worked with kitchens of all shapes and sizes. Some things can be done to make a small space look bigger. When we design and install new kitchens, our process’s first step is a home visit to understand precisely what we are working with.

Once we know the space and style you are looking for, we can create digital designs to show what the finished kitchen will look like. You are welcome to request any tweaks until you are fully satisfied.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to get in touch or visit our kitchen showroom for inspiration.

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